Resume Reel

Quentin Davie has gotten another chance to play professional football.  Davie signed with the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers to play for the remainder of their season.Davie signed briefly with the Detroit Lions when the NFL lockout ended, but was released from the squad in early August.  But he had been on the Canadian team’s radar for quite some time.  The day after the NFL draft ended, he got a call from Winnipeg offering him a spot — But he wanted to hold out for his ultimate goal.“This is definitely the best move for me at this point, to go up there,” Davie said.  “I’m excited to be in another country and get on the field again.”

Although he will be playing the game he loves, Davie admits his family is what he will miss most about the U.S.

The opportunity hasn’t swayed him from his dream of playing in the NFL, but he says it will be a good way to pass the season.

“I just want to play football,” Davie said.  “I love the game, and I want to play.”

Wildcat faithful can catch select CFL games on the NFL Network.